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Unmatched Expertise in Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager Consulting Services

Expert Migration Services for Large, Complex Environments with Legacy Systems.

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Transitioning to Intune presented its unique set of complexities. Nonetheless, their unparalleled expertise in both Intune and Configuration Manager ensured a seamless migration for our organization. This was further augmented by their meticulously detailed documentation complemented by a proffesional handover which allowed us to comfortably pick up where they left off. For those seeking further assurance, check out their excelent technical blog.


Paul Vilcu

System Manager at Visma


Having worked with several partners in the past, MEM.Zone stands out distinctly. Their unparalleled Configuration Manager, Intune, and Powershell expertise has been a game-changer for us. Their blend of professionalism, innovation, and dedication to client success has made our collaboration beneficial and transformative. I can confidently say that partnering with MEM.Zone is a decision you won't regret.


Ishan Suri

Team Lead at Adidas


MEM.Zone's team combines professionalism with deep expertise in Configuration Manager, MDT and PowerShell. Their advice, innovative solutions and automation techniques have changed our thinking about what is possible. Client satisfaction is their top priority, and that transpires in all interactions. Partnering with them has been one of our best decisions.


Bernardo Allen

Team Manager at the UN

As a premier consulting services provider for Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Configuration Manager, we offer unparalleled expertise in implementing, customizing, and training on these powerful tools.

With years of experience under our belt, our team of experts is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by remaining up-to-date with the latest technology and industry best practices.

Trust us to guide you through every step of the process, from start to finish.

We prioritize a seamless transition for our clients and our meticulous documentation ensures that you can effortlessly pick up where we left off.

Additionally, we showcase our work on our Blog, allowing you to peruse examples of our previous projects and witness the caliber of our services.

Our ITIL-compliant approach guarantees that our services adhere to industry standards and best practices, delivering optimal results for your business.

Transform Your Business with Our Comprehensive Technology Services

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Transform Your Business with Our Comprehensive Technology Services

Endpoint Management Architecture and Implementation for the ground up

Modern Endpoint Management Solutions

Zero and Lite Touch Device Deployment

On-premises to Cloud Migration for Intune, Microsoft 365, Bitlocker, IIS and other Platforms

Automation Using Custom Tools and APIs

Custom Reporting, Dashboards, and Monitoring Solutions

Azure Cost Management and Optimization

Azure Architecture Design and Services Integration with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

AWS Architecture Design and Service Integration with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

Azure multi-layered Cloud Only or Hybrid Network Architecture Design

Enterprise Wired and Wireless Networks Architecture Design and Implementation

ITIL Process Design and Implementation

Our Offers

At MEM.Zone, our team of experts specializes in providing consultancy services for Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager.

We understand the importance of efficient and streamlined device management in today's fast-paced business environment.

That is why we are dedicated to helping organizations like yours leverage automation to improve their process flows and reduce downtime.

Our team has extensive experience in creating and implementing advanced scripts that can automate various tasks, such as infrastructure maintenance, software deployments, and security updates.

By automating these processes, we can help you reduce downtime, improve security, and increase efficiency.

Additionally, our automation scripts can also help you to better manage and track your devices, making it easier to identify and resolve issues as they arise.

Our team can help you to automate tasks such as:

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Software Deployment


Security Updates


Compliance Checks


Inventory Management

Our team can also help you to optimize your existing Configuration Manager setup, ensuring that you are taking full advantage of the powerful automation capabilities that it offers.

We understand that every organization is unique, and we take a customized approach to each engagement.

We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our solutions to your organization's specific requirements

In summary, our team at MEM.Zone can help you to improve your process flows and reduce downtime using automation.

Our advanced scripts can help you to optimize your Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager environments, enabling you to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Target Audience


IT Managers Seeking Improved Endpoint Fleet Insights


Businesses Looking to Simplify Their Complex IT Landscape


Corporations Migrating to Modern Endpoint Management Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

We employ a comprehensive approach, to optimize your existing Configuration Manager and Intune setups, which involves several key steps.

Assessment and Analysis:
We begin by thoroughly assessing your current Configuration Manager and Intune configurations. This involves reviewing your existing policies, settings, and deployment strategies.

Customization for Specific Needs:
We understand that every organization has unique requirements and tailor the configuration to align with your specific needs and objectives. This might involve customizing policies, settings, and deployment methods to align them with your business goals optimally.

Integration and Compatibility Checks:
We ensure that your Configuration Manager and Intune setups are seamlessly integrated with other IT infrastructure components. This includes checking for compatibility with existing applications, servers, and devices.

Security and Compliance Review:
Security is of paramount importance. We review your existing security configurations to ensure they meet industry standards and best practices. This includes reviewing access controls, encryption settings, and compliance policies.

Optimization of Resource Utilization:
We assess the allocation of resources within Configuration Manager and Intune. This involves optimizing server configurations, adjusting bandwidth settings, and efficiently allocating resources.

Automation and Scripting:
We explore opportunities for automation within your Configuration Manager and Intune environments. This can involve creating scripts to automate routine tasks, such as software deployments, updates, and compliance checks.

Performance Tuning:
We fine-tune the performance settings to ensure that Configuration Manager and Intune operate at maximum efficiency. This might involve adjusting settings related to caching, distribution points, and synchronization schedules.

User Training and Adoption:
Optimization isn't just about technical configurations; it's also about ensuring that your team understands how to make the most of Configuration Manager and Intune. We provide training and support to promote user adoption and proficiency.

Monitoring and Ongoing Maintenance:
We implement robust monitoring solutions to closely monitor the health and performance of your Configuration Manager and Intune setups. This allows us to address any issues and proactively ensure continuous optimization.

Documentation and Best Practices:
We document all configurations and settings, providing a comprehensive reference for your optimized Configuration Manager and Intune environments. Additionally, we provide recommendations for ongoing best practices to maintain the optimized state.
By following these steps, we not only ensure that you are taking full advantage of the powerful capabilities of Configuration Manager and Intune but also make sure that your configurations are aligned with industry best practices and tailored to your specific needs.

Our team can provide the capability to automate a wide range of tasks to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Software Deployment:
Our automation implementations can handle the seamless deployment of software across your infrastructure. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency in your software environment.

Security Updates:
Automating security updates, deployment, and reporting is crucial in maintaining a secure IT environment. Our solutions can regularly and automatically apply patches and updates to protect against vulnerabilities.

Compliance Checks:
Staying compliant with industry standards and regulations is critical to any organization. Our automation tools can perform regular checks to ensure your systems and processes meet compliance requirements.

Inventory Management:
Keeping track of your assets and resources can be daunting, especially as an organization scales. Our custom solutions can monitor and manage your inventory, alerting you when supplies run low, or equipment needs maintenance or replacement.

Monitoring and Alerting:
Our systems can be configured to monitor various aspects of your infrastructure and applications. This includes performance metrics, system health, and user activity. Automated alerts can be generated for immediate attention in case of anomalies or critical events.

Data Backup and Recovery:
Regular backups are essential to safeguard against data loss, even on SaaS services. We can automate the scheduling and execution of backups, ensuring that your critical data is protected and recoverable in the event of a failure.

Task Scheduling and Workflow Automation:
Repetitive tasks can be automated to free up valuable time for your team. Our automation solutions can handle everything from routine maintenance activities to complex workflows.

Resource Scaling:
As demand fluctuates, our implementations can dynamically adjust resources to meet requirements. This ensures optimal performance while minimizing unnecessary costs.

Reporting and Analytics:
Automation can generate regular reports and analyze data, providing valuable insights into your operations and performance.

User Account Management:
Create, modify, and deactivate user accounts automatically based on predefined criteria, enhancing security and ensuring compliance with access policies.

By automating these tasks, you increase efficiency and accuracy and allow your team to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives, driving innovation and growth for your organization.

We can manage various devices, ensuring your IT infrastructure is effectively controlled and optimized.

Our management expertise extends to both physical and virtual servers. We implement strategies to monitor performance, apply updates, and ensure security compliance to keep your servers operating at peak efficiency.

Desktops and Laptops:
Our management expertise covers all types of desktop and laptop computers, regardless of their operating system. This includes Windows, macOS, and Linux environments. We can remotely configure, update, and troubleshoot these devices to maintain optimal performance and security.

Tablets are a crucial part of many modern workplaces, often used for tasks ranging from presentations to fieldwork. We provide expertise to manage tablets across different platforms, ensuring they are secure, updated, and configured for optimal functionality.

Mobile Phones:
In today's mobile-driven world, managing smartphones is essential for maintaining productivity and security. We offer expertise to handle both Android and iOS devices, enabling tasks such as app deployment, security enforcement, and remote wipe capabilities.

Virtual Machines and Cloud Instances:
Proper management is crucial for efficient resource allocation and cost control in virtualized and cloud environments. We can manage virtual machines and cloud instances to ensure they meet your performance and cost objectives.

Printers and Peripherals:
These devices play a vital role in day-to-day operations. We can assist in managing printers and peripherals to ensure they are correctly configured, updated, and secured.

By offering comprehensive management solutions for this diverse range of devices, we ensure that your entire IT ecosystem operates smoothly, securely, and in alignment with your specific operational needs.

We are profficient in scripting languages lile PowerShell, VB Script, SQL, WQL, Kusto, Phyton, Bash and more.

We provide ITIL services from design to implementation, evaluation and enhancement, ensuring efficient and effective delivery of IT services tailored to meet your needs.

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